A nerve wracking but exhilarating experience!


Life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride, unpredictable, thrilling and for Be Wiser graduate apprentices William and Jack, were presented with an opportunity they were not expecting.  They were chosen to represent Be Wiser at the Insurance Times Awards*.   


Williams Blog explains how this new experience, before, during and after has really opened his eyes.

Firstly, this was one of the most nerve-wracking but exciting experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve taken the jump from college leaver to graduate apprentice chosen to represent the business at a National Awards event in the blink of an eye.   It’s incredible!  And it’s all been achievable because of the amazing support systems in place by the training team at Wiser.

A learning opportunity
As I said during the presentation to the judges, I’m just 18 years old, fresh out of college and wanting a degree.  Be Wiser has not only given me the chance to join the course and achieve my degree, but I’ve been given the opportunity to represent the business at the Insurance Times Awards! 

Everything is a learning opportunity and this whole experience has given me a huge confidence boost, one that has been quickly added to my CV.  This whole experience is one that I will never forget, helping me now and in the future.

Our expectations
Before they were of pure FEAR!  When it was announced I was to be one of the lucky ones chosen to represent the business, I thought that Jack and I would be left to sort things out for ourselves.  However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. The support we received from the training team was insane.  We were given the tools, knowledge and time to create and prepare so that we could excel.

A big thank you
To Tash and John from the Be Wiser training team. Tash gave us direction and much needed ‘real world experience’.  On the day, John travelled with us and remained the cool, calm rock we relied on all day.  He gave us the final piece of encouragement we needed before going to present to the judges and giving our very best.


And finally, during our preparation we received valuable input from the top, Mark Bower-Dyke our CEO.  He met with us and gave us feedback and tips to succeed.  I don't believe there are many CEO’s out there that would’ve been so supportive and trusting - especially to someone like me who has only been with the Company for a couple of months?


If you think you are up for a challenge like this, then I seriously think you should consider a career in Insurance with Be Wiser.  You can contact Recruitment on 0333 003 0170 or www.careerwiser.co.uk


*The Insurance Times Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate excellence and innovation across the breath of UK general insurance.  Judged by independent panels of experts from across the sector, they shine a light on outstanding achievement and honour the best of the best.






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